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StartShare makes it easy to share your ideas and earn money

Social commerce

Introducing StartShare

Share what's on your mind, shop for something new, and be yourself on the purpose-built social media platform for e-commerce.

Let's jump start your ideas

Learn more about getting StartShare on your device.

A bit about what StartShare does

Online Shopping

The social media platform for e-commerce

StartShare takes the connectedness of social media, the ease of e-commerce, and the best of software automation to deliver a platform for users to easily start a money-making microbusiness.  You can perform all kinds of transactions to exchange any good or service! 


Social posts + Rewards: adding value to data

Besides letting you post purchasable content, StartShare gives you 5 rewards points per standard social post. So not only can you turn your ideas into a mini e-business, you get rewarded for sharing them too!

Gift Card

Earn StartShare Rewards points automatically, for every purchase!

StartShare rewards you 10 points per dollar spent with us.  You can redeem those points directly to your StartShare balance to save money on purchases; or transfer your balance to PayPal. 

Outdoor Market

StartShare as a Digital Marketplace

The StartShare Marketplace is a digital space where users can communicate, share, buy, and sell easily with just one account.  It includes everything a merchant and a customer could possibly need all within one beautiful app.  


More options than just buying and selling

StartShare takes advantage of individuals' creativity.  We help you promote any product, or service to those who are willing to buy.  This can be either be done locally, or anywhere in the globe via shipping or digital delivery.  Goods can be delivered in person, by mail, or digitally to fit the needs of both seller and customer; rental agreements can be certified and transferred easily; and service promises can be determined and paid for all within the app. 

Image by Jonas Leupe

StartShare Balance: an easier and more anonymous way to pay and earn

Easily and securely pay for an order on StartShare using your StartShare Balance. We do not take money out of your accounts, rather you supply yourself with the currency you wish to use with us. This works either through balance reloads or payouts for completed orders. You can easily access your funds by transfering them to PayPal or Venmo.

Monitoring Room

Designed with security and privacy in mind

StartShare uses 256-bit encryption protected databases, payment processing, and is constantly monitored for irregularities.  It's security you can trust.

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