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Spun off from SwagShare, LLC.'s premium clothing rental app SwagShare, StartShare is a social commerce app for Web and Android that lets users list goods, services, and rentals for sale.   Each user post, called a listing, is a purchasable physical or digital, good or service created by the user.  Posting listings, browsing listings, viewing and following other users, transactions, fulfilments, and payouts are all handled in one app.  The app is simple to use, easy to understand, and secure.  The app was announced on our official Twitter account June 22, 2019 and is scheduled to be released on May 20th, 2020.  


Development Team:  

  • Ethan J. Dewicki (Founder, Chairman and Chief Global Strategist): product planning, operations, interface design, programming, database, website, and automation)  

  • Larry M. DeBrincat (Lead Software Creator): programming, website, and user guide  

  • Evan R. Gottschalk (Senior Operations Specialist): business operations and technical support

Marketing Team:  

  • Michael J. Barrett (Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing): brand strategy and marketability consulting, marketing outreach and advertising  

  • Kyle E. Gardner (Co-Founder, Senior Marketing Advisor): brand strategy, business development and marketability consulting  

  • Derek Ghilardi (Marketing Representative): advertising and marketing  

  • Amanda Van Mill (Marketing Representative): advertising and marketing 

The SwagShare LLC. MVPs  

A bit about the 2 employees who came up with StartShare and were most responsible for turning great ideas and concepts into a beautiful and robust app. 


Ethan J. Dewicki

Founder, Chairman and Chief Global Strategist. 


Ethan has over 9 years of app development and leadership experience since his days at EJD Electronics, his first app development venture he started in middle school.  .  He founded SwagShare, LLC in his ASU dorm room in August 2018 and developed alongside Larry DeBrincat the now discontinued SwagShare app.  His strategy, vision, passion for technology and innovation, and strong attention to detail on SwagShare, LLC. and the StartShare app.


Larry M. DeBrincat

Co-Founder, Lead Software Creator


Larry has over 4 years of app development experience since his days at EJD Electronics, when he met Ethan Dewicki in High School.  He later was invited to work at SwagShare, LLC. in March 2017 by Ethan and has been working as the Lead Software Creator ever since.  His dedication to the company's success and his role in assisting the Chairman has helped tremendously in getting the app out the door smoothly.

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