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How StartShare works

Earning money with StartShare

Listing categories

Listing categories is our fancy term we use to sort individual listings on StartShare.  
⦁    Local Goods are physical items limited for purchase in a local area
⦁    Delivery Goods are physical and shippable items
⦁    Local On Site Services are services performed in a local area at the merchant's place of business 
⦁    Local Off Site Services are services performed at a location in a local area requested by the buyer
⦁    Local Rentals are rentable items in a local area
⦁    Digital Goods are digital content listings such as royalty free music or beta access to a new app, usually delivered via email
⦁    Digital Services are digital content listings such as consulting or graphic design work, usually delivered via email or a telepresence call.  

This app allows you to post goods, services, and rentals for sale as social media friendly, rich content listings.  Merchants earn 70% of the total sale price.  Once a user posts a listing, other users can see it publicly on the app.  When a user makes a purchase, we notify the merchant they have received a new order and create a digital receipt for both parties.  The merchant then must fulfill the order within the time period specified or the purchase will be refunded to the buyer.

StartShare Rewards

Earn 10 points per dollar spent on StartShare purchases automatically through our built-in rewards program.  Rewards can be redeemed to your StartShare Balance after collecting over 1000 points.

Listing departments

Listing departments are what categorizes a listing by property, such as:
Arts, Bikes, Boards, Business, Clothing, Crafts, etc.

How you get paid

StartShare Rewards and listing payouts go directly to the StartShare Balance, where it can be kept for future transaction spending or transfered to PayPal and Venmo

StartShare Balance

StartShare Balance is a digital wallet used by StartShare to pay for purchases, pay merchants for sales, and cashouts for StartShare Rewards.  Funds can be transferred out to PayPal and Venmo and added with any credit or debit card

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