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StartShare is re-imagined social commerce


StartShare is a social media platform for e-commerce.  A StartShare user's profile allows a user to be both a buyer and merchant with the same personal account. Also, users can follow one another in the app.  We define social commerce as the 

fusion of social media's easily shareable and noteworthy user created content, ideas, and trends with the ease of inventory management, online shopping, and secure trustworthy online transactions of e-commerce. 

Each StartShare Listing is not only a social media post, but a purchasable listing for real world goods, services, rentals, and digital content.  Your listings can be inventory tracked to better help you take care of your microbusiness to assure profit maximization for your efforts.  They can also be set to be a static, one time product, or have recurring stock.  

Purchases, order fulfillment, balance reloads, sharing listings, rewards, help, and more are handled easily and securely all in one app.  There's no need for separate apps, accounts, or devices to make anything work.

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