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SwagShare, LLC.
Building the digital future
A little bit about the company behind StartShare

Ethan J. Dewicki with Larry M. DeBrincat , July 2016, during their previous venture EJD Electronics.

SwagShare, LLC. was founded by Ethan J. Dewicki in August, 2018 in his Arizona State University dorm room.  The goal was to create an app, SwagShare, that connected users to fashion, by allowing rentals of premium clothing.  In June 2019, founder and Chairman/Chief Global Strategist Ethan J. Dewicki, alongside co-founder and Lead Software Creator Larry M. DeBrincat, decided to take that concept to the next level with the StartShare app.  Ethan and Larry have worked together since high school at their previous app development venture EJD Electronics. 

Our mission: building the digital future
Image by Michael Dziedzic

At SwagShare, LLC., our goal is building the digital future.  Besides releasing our revolutionary StartShare app, a digital marketplace for the 21st century, we rely heavily on automation and artificial intelligence to advance the technical capabilities of the company and handle day to day business operations.  For example, we created an AI called Accountster that automatically tabulates earnings and expenses upon receipt of a new order.  

Besides using AI, we use state of the art, 256-bit encrypted databases to keep your data protected, and vow to never sell your data directly to advertisers.  As a company, we value data privacy and consult experts on cybersecurity to make sure we're doing all that we can to keep your data safe.  

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