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Server Installation

State of the art server-side software automation

StartShare uses special automation tools to keep the system resilient, smooth, and reliable.  These tools help dramatically lower our app's footprint on your phone and keeps costs low.


Designed to take full advantage of the phone

StartShare was designed for modern flagship, infinity display smartphones.  Unlike many apps scaled down from websites, StartShare was purpose built to take full advantage of the phone.

Coding Station

Created by expert coders with years of experience

The Founder and Chairman of SwagShare, LLC. (parent company of StartShare) Ethan J. Dewicki and Lead Software Creator Larry M. DeBrincat have 9 and 4 years of app development experience, dating back to middle and high school

Hands using mobile payments, Digital mar

The digital marketplace of the 21st century

With the rise of the gig economy, and the underground social media economy, StartShare's unique social commerce platform gives users a wide open digital space to grow from. 

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